All foundation issues give off clues...

All structures settle to some degree over time, however, when a soil condition exists that allows one location to settle at a different rate and beyond the tolerances of the structural elements, you have a condition known as differential settlement. This condition can easily be identified by examining the structure of a building and the attached components.

Typically, foundation repairs are not something that an average homeowner can do themselves, but in some cases the damage can be largely mitigated with relatively simple projects – like adding gutters or grading the area around the homes foundation so that water flows away from the home.

  • Look for obvious stair step cracks in the block walls. These will usually appear at corners or doors and windows.
  • The block “pulling” away from the top course or tie beam. In most cases the top portion of a block wall is poured solid. Often this stronger structural element will span across a failing portion of the foundation leaving a separation crack.
  • Windows or doors that stick or looked “racked”. If your not familiar with the past repair work done on a house, look for doors that may have been “fitted” to an uneven opening.
  • Doors that open or close themselves. This is often a result of poor construction and does not alone indicate settlement.
  • Uneven Floors. Do you feel as if your walking downhill?
  • Many of these signs can easily be hidden with cosmetic repairs. If your purchasing a home and feel as if somethings just not right please contact us for an evaluation. Often settlement problems are missed by home inspectors.

Visual Signs

Here are three signs that your foundation is overdue some attention.


Stair-Step Cracks can be be a sign that your home is settling unevenly. Unstable soil under your home can be a cause of these warning signs.


Soil expanding and contracting can cause many problems in the foundation. Cracks in the sheetrock can be a sure sign of foundation issues.


Doors can start to stick or separate at the frame. Uneven doors are also a possible sign of foundation

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