Slab Foundation Repair


You guys were way faster than I thought you would be, and I can hardly tell you were there. Your guys knew their stuff and actually saved me a ton of $$$!

John T

Thanks for the recommendations. The other company was sure that everything needed to be replaced and estimated a fortune for the work. Your quote was for a little over half and proved that the problem wasn’t even with the foundation!

Kyle R

Slab foundations are extremely common in Texas, especially on newer homes (less than 50 years old). Basically, a flat area of concrete foundation is laid directly onto flat soil, meaning that over time these kinds of foundations are susceptible to ground-slip – leading to cracking of walls and other foundation-related problems.


Typical repairs to slab foundations are to do with propping and re-aligning the slab to correct brick cracks, door separation and more. So we use a plethora of different types of piers to re-set the foundation. These could be concrete, steel or drilled piers.

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