Pier and Beam Foundation Repair


You guys were way faster than I thought you would be, and I can hardly tell you were there. Your guys knew their stuff and actually saved me a ton of $$$!

John T

Thanks for the recommendations. The other company was sure that everything needed to be replaced and estimated a fortune for the work. Your quote was for a little over half and proved that the problem wasn’t even with the foundation!

Kyle R

If your home has a Pier & Beam Foundation, you may notice some of the same common signs of foundation problems including cracks in walls, windows and doors that stick, or uneven floors.

Pier & Beam foundations are prone to subsidence and rot, meaning that it’s quite common to need to replace/repair this type of install.


The ‘fix’ for your Pier & Beam Foundation can be as simple as a re-set and re-shim of the understructure. Also, over time the supporting beams or joists may twist, bend, or rot. In this case the wood will need to be replaced with treated lumber that is appropriate for the situation.

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