Foundation Repair

As the word implies, a home’s foundation is the base for it’s structure and any compromise to its strength will lead to several problems in your home. Depending on the quality or type of soil that your home was constructed on, installation of the foundation can vary greatly in style and structural integrity. Because of this, GeoPro offers a variety of services and processes for repairing your home’s foundation. Please select a style below to read more.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

If your home has a Pier & Beam Foundation, you may notice some of the same common signs of foundation problems including cracks in walls, windows and doors that stick, or uneven floors.

Retaining Walls

A Retaining Wall is exactly what it sounds like, but it’s applications are somewhat misinterpreted by many home owners. While Retaining Walls are designed to keep your property’s soils in place, and boost your curb appeal, they provide more function than form! Retaining Walls keep the soils beneath your home in place and help to prevent settling or shifting which can cause Foundation problems. Read up on how this happens below!


Poor Drainage around the foundation can cause too much water to collect by the grade beam. Pooling water be caused by a negative slope or downspouts dumping water to a concentrated area. Water that doesn’t drain away from your home will lead to moisture build up, like puddles forming around your foundation, which can erode soil or cause the soil to expand and push against your home’s foundation.

Slab Foundation Repair

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