Expert Foundation Repair & Drainage solutions

Custom Retaining Walls

Built to last a lifetime

Lifetime Warranty

Get a Lifetime transferable warranty on our services so if the worst does happen, you have peace-of-mind that you're covered.


Experts in Foundation Repair

Retaining Walls

Built to last a lifetime

LifeTime Warranty

Get a Lifetime transferable warranty on our services

We can help with....

Are you suffering with any of the following wall or drainage problems? If so, help is at hand and we're waiting for your call.

Long cracks on interior walls or ceiling

Sticking doors and windows

Damage to insulation or the interior walls

Soil contraction or expansion

Cracked or sloping floors

Poorly fitting molding

Crooked or shifting cabinets

Poor drainage around the home’s slab

Gas and water lines can loosen or break

Leaks in the roof

Plumbing leaks or damage to underground plumbing lines

Interior and exterior structural or cosmetic damage

Protruding or overgrown tree roots


We work on every home as if our family lives there!

GeoPro has the expertise, reputation and proven quality track record to give you the confidence that that we can solve your home’s foundation problems right the first time. We offer a turnkey service that includes foundation repair, drainage repair and installation, and landscaping with a special expertise in the repair and installation of retaining walls. Our foundation repair division has an industry leading warranty, as well as multiple financing options including FHA 203K.

Because of the diligent maintenance and monitoring required to maintain a Texas property due to the state’s harsh weather and soils, GeoPro will be there after installation and repairs to help you maintain and protect your property with everything from tips to cut down on water consumption, to deck installation or other property enhancements all to make your home more appealing and help boost the it’s value.

GeoPro uses the most accurate & non-obtrusive tools available to inspect & diagnose your home.

Words from our clients

We get great feedback from our clients. Here's some of our favourite quotes:

Kyle R

Thanks for the recommendations. The other company was sure that everything needed to be replaced and estimated a fortune for the work. Your quote was for a little over half and proved that the problem wasn't even with the foundation!

John T

You guys were way faster than I thought you would be, and I can hardly tell you were there. Your guys knew their stuff and actually saved me a ton of $$$!


The longer you leave foundation or drainage issues, the worse they get and the more it costs to implement a fix. Don’t delay, get in touch today.
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